It is not my kind of way punching under the belly line, but I think this man goes to far with his insults and allegations, I don't have to justify myself, but it is well known that fake profiles can be made up, by steeling pictures and nicks and names. Before publishing such slander he should have verified it's authenticy, but it wouldn't fit to this man's caracter. Well, I will also publish what I found, and you can read from some posts how this man does and threatens:

Here some more posts on this man's fake nobility and titles:

Click on the below link and then on "Discussion"

I also publish this, even if I don't nessecarely agree, with everything that is said in it. I don't know if there is any proof him being a pedophile and muderer, so I stay away from such affirmation:

Here more slander against me with fabricated material; this is how they react when pushed in the corner, slander and even worth under the belly line. If you aren't chocked look at the pics and the commentaries. I am supposed to be a women lover, a gay or even a pedophile, or maybe all three of them!!!! At least they should make up their mind…

One of the accounts has been shut down which was opened in April last year not by me (at a time when I was in Argentina), but by someone I thought of, after I was informed through these slander pages of the Boecker Clique on the existence of these pages. A former FB "friend", whom I did unmask having fake diplomas from a diploma mill, tryed to compromise me by opening these accounts, after stealing pictures from my profile and knowing about my nick and also of modifying some of the pics. These people wherever they are, whatever they fake, once pushed in the corner they react the same way, rude and with attacks below the belly line.
Here what made me think of this man and which was confirmed by this site through this
selected chronological patchwork from emails I received.

A sick lust-driven demented man, a full-blown paranoid personality, not to mention that you are suffering from dementia, Hope that we have seen the last of you sick old man, you sick bastard, you are a DUMB ASS, your mentor, The Fuhrer, knows better, you are a worm which when someone sees on the ground, they step. You compared me to Bush without knowing anything about me, it is only fair that I compare you to your murderous ancestors. and continue with their lives as if nothing happened, give it one more shot old man, more and more you sound like a demented old Nazi!!!

Are you sure that there are no murderous Nazis as your ancestors? I think that you can associate perfectly with them: narrow minded bigotry and a false sense of superiority that is self-deluding. And we all know how that ended! This is where you belong Michael, the TRASH bin. Can your ego handle that?

And here the IP's and email from where these inscriptions where made:
Ramzi Xxxxxx

Boecker and his friends are copy pasting from the above text only what seems to be useful for them. I have the proof from where at least one of  my "real-fake" profiles came from, not from them, but neither from France or Argentina, but I wont tell here everthing as they are reading here too. But what fun would it be if one day they discover a profile of them in such a porn site. ;) Pics of men who look like Boecker are easy to find and in very compromising situtations!!! I don't think I would do it, but it could be funny, because then they will realize who is hunting whom.

In the meantime I have not only the geographical information where these porn sites where initiated from but also a more direct proof. This man who comes from there, made the mistake to register in one of those sites with his real name and the email of a common friend, by using this email without the knowlegde of this friend. But I know he has acces to her email account.

I would like to tell you about such an identy theft which happened here on Facebook not a very long time ago. A friend of mine got a friend reguest from the Grandmaster of the Teutonic Order. This Grandmaster is in the Roman Catholic Church an Abbot, which has the rank of almost a Bishop. She sent me his profile to check on it. From what was stated there, it corresponded on the data of the real Grand Master and I told her that this profile could be correct or in other words not a fake. Shortly after I started having doubts, because checking again this man. I couldn't find anything in his pictures and statements concerning this order, only picture showing a monastery with monks and ceremonies. Well I thought this is surprising, when I got a message from my friend, that she realized, that he had a lot of female friends some in very light dress or almost nude. She contacted the headquarter of this order in Vienna/ Austria, who answered her, that the Grand Master doesn't have a profile on Facebook. Yes this man was an imposter using the picture and data of the real Grandmaster on Facebook. Of course the order contacted Facebook and this man was banned. But this friend who was at the origine of this banning had been insulted and treated very badly by the fake supporters of this fake Grand Master.

Well this is a typical exemple of someone who used the real picture of a real person, passing himself of that real person, but the whole thing was fake. Yes Internet, facebook and all other social networks are a real playground where you can do whatever you like, only in very few occations this kind of identity theft, can be discovered.

So be very carefull, with your data, don't trust anybody, when getting a friends request from an unknown person, check on her and don't accept people easily. What happened to the real Grand Master of the Teutonic Order, what happend to me in a more disgusting way can happen to you. Securise all your data, show a minimum or no information on your profiles here or elsewhere in the Internet, everything is used either for publicity in other networks and even disgusting ones, just to attract people. You might have an account on an innocent site, but this site is linked through a same company to a less innocent site and your profile will appear there. Or someone will harm you and he creates a fake profile to show that your are a discuting person, only because you discoverd he is a fake or he is using fake diplomas and grades on Facebook or elsewhere. These people do everything to make you the bad person and themselves to the good ones persecuted by a bad one.

What happened to me with all that slender they did to make me a villain person will not change my mind of continuing doing my uncovering of these fakes, and this experinence will only strengthen my determination to thrace them down. Sorry Boecker, "de la Barca" and the rest of you, you will not have me renouncing on my hunt, it will continue and even more determinined than ever.

Here more on Boecker: